Scottsdale Painting Contractor Tips


Here are 3 Quick Tips to ask your friends or neighbors who have recently used a Scottsdale Painting Contractor.


Were you happy with the quality provided by the painting contractor?

Everybody has their own ideas of quality, so you should take a look at their house and judge for yourself. Pay attention to cut-in areas around doors, windows and trim. Are the lines straight and  was caulking applied. Interior or exterior doesn’t matter; proper surface preparation always leads to better, more pleasing results.

Did the painting contractor protect non-painted surfaces or areas?

For exteriors this includes concrete, roofing and plantings. For interiors moving and protecting furniture is a major concern but don’t forget about the flooring. If a painter was sloppy with one customer chances are they will be sloppy with all of them. When you are left to clean up after your painter, this will cost you more time and money and frustration.

Was the Painting Contractor courteous and polite?

This is a very important consideration. The entire experience, from beginning to end, needs to be as stress free as possible. Plus if the house painter enjoys their job, the quality and attention to details will be better. The customers attitude can and will affect the entire paint job. Hopefully this will be the first question you ask. If the answer to this question is “no” then do not go any further, you don’t want to work with that person.

Was a Painting warranty included?

Simply stating, a warranty isn’t enough. If a warranty was included, find out if it has a reasonable amount of time before expiring.  Three years is enough time. Remember, always get it in writing and understand its limitations!  A good painter is happy to stand behind his warranty.  Good painters use quality materials and know their level of expertise.  If a painter will not offer a warranty, this is a problem in my mind.



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